Robert Yang

I have been immersed in the real and fantasy world of philosophy, music, and paleontological art. I have visited more than 80 countries and have an indissoluble bond with the world's most beautiful artworks. The collections are up to 10,000 pieces (the second in the world) Tyrannosaurus - Robert Y), creation can let him vent the body that whip the life, let him live again, ingest the paradise of the future, enjoy the paradise on the ground, invade the future, enjoy the present.

Robert Y has created ideas such as invaders, solidarism, and post-super-genetic genes, in an attempt to realize the future of new humans, new superhumans, and new genes. In the subconscious dream, he wrote a new idea of ​​"invading the future of Robert Y." Clitfford Kong collaborates to solidify ideas into works, hoping to infect the future, to break away from the ridiculous world, and to establish the Invasive Future Art Salon and Titanic Shipwood Art Studio, and to create the Robert Y brand, possibly the number one 3D virtual museum in Asia., Robert-Y Crazy Dream Museum (in the art).

Strolling in a wonderland of philosophy, music, and paleontology, and traveling over 80 countries, Robert Yang was bound to the marvelous artworks with his whole heart. Stock, Yang has over 10,000 collections, including the world's second complete fossil of tyrannosaurus. Yang relishes the feelings of creating artworks. Creations not only enable him to vent his emotions and lash the figure of life, but also permit him to revive. Then, he can digest the energy from paradise in future, and appreciate the paradise in mortals. He invade future, savor present.

In order to create the new humans, the new superheroes, and the new genes, Yang introduces some terms, created in his subminimal dream, such as invapprism, solidficationism, and overselfgenetics. With these novel ideas, Yang collaborates with Clitfford Kong, and shape Thoughts into their arts. Besides, they hope humans can escape from this absurd world when the radiation hits on people. Meanwhile, Yang founded a gallery named Invade Future Art Gallery, a studio named Titanic Shipwood Art Studio, a brand named Robert Y, maybe First virtual 3D museum in Asia (, and a private museum named Robert Y Crazy Dream Art Museum (under artified decoration).

Clitfford Kong

Since childhood, I love art, pursue natural nature, and indulge my thoughts to achieve the life of each piece. I use the sculptural language to solidify life, reflect reality in the form of conflict and publicity, engrave the bone marrow, and attract people.

Create a Robert Y art brand with Robert Y, explore the mysteries of life and the philosophy of life, integrate thoughts, feelings, and actions into the creation, continue thinking, sustain life, and extend the length of art in solidified works; life pursues disregard Fame and fortune, only the natural burning passion, let the light of art light up and infect others.

In childhood, Clitfford Kong fell under the spell of art, and aspires to seek arts of the Mother Nature. Nowadays, Kong's unchained thoughts grant lives in his arts. Through sculpting languages, Kong solidifies the lives; through conflicts, Kong reflects the reality. All of his arts may provoke thoughts, and remind you forever.

Working together with Robert Yang, Kong is a cofounder of Robert Y. Besides, Kong explores wonders of lives and philosophy of livings, and blends his feelings, thoughts, and deeds into arts. subsequent, these solid artworks extend its thoughts, feelings, and Art itself. What we chase after in lives is not fame and fortune, but passions of heart.Let art shine up for you and others around.

Chen Zhouying

Born in 1962

Graduated from the Sculpture Department of the School of Arts and Crafts, Fuzhou University, 1981

Studying at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1990

His main work: "Blooming", selected for China Beijing International Sculpture Art Exhibition and "Rise", "Media Time and Space", "Kang Yazong Martyrs", "Underwater World", "Xiang", "Bloom" and so on.

Qiu Qijing

Born in Fuzhou, Fujian in 1979

Graduated from Fuzhou University of Arts and Crafts in 1999

Graduated from Sculpture Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2005

Member of Sculpture Professional Committee of China Arts and Crafts Society, Standing Director of China Shoushan Stone Research Association, Member of China Gem and Jade Association

2014 The highest price of contemporary sculptors created in Poly Spring in Beijing! 

2007 “Great Migration” Qiu Qijing Contemporary Landscaping Installation Art Exhibition Shanghai Duolun Art Museum

2007 “Great Migration” Qiu Qijing Contemporary Landscaping Installation Art Exhibition Beijing 3+3 Art Space

2006 “Great Migration” Shoushan Stone Modern Art Series Exhibition

2006 Fujian Museum of Fine Arts Exhibition Fujian

2005 "Huang Tianhou Soil" Chinese Sculpture Exhibition China Millennium Monument

2004 "Planning" Shoushan Stone Sculpture Contemporary Art Exhibition

2003 "Big Mountain" Masterpiece of Chinese Arts and Crafts Exhibition Gold / Hangzhou

2001 Shanghai Art Fair