The Chamber of Shattered Tradition

Have you ever seen such interesting stone sculptures? Join Robert Y in celebrating 30 years of reinventing the art of pagodite carving!

Also known as Shoushan Stone, pagodite was used in China to carve objects as far back as the Song Dynasty 1000 years ago, and by countless generations of artists to make lovely Buddhist statues and wares. Old art forms sometimes drown in the stagnant waters of tradition, but the success Qijing Qiu achieved with his stunningly original early pagodite masterpieces shows that this wonderfully workable and colorful stone is in a period of rebirth. Here you can see the pagodite works of Robert Y, Qijing Qiu, and Zhouying Chen: a reimagining of the possibilities of a genre, and hopefully the beginning of the return of Shoushan Stone to its rightful place of glory in art.

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The Chamber of Shattered Tradition
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