The Hall of Primal Instincts

Despite being almost universally denigrated by modern societies, the sexual instinct is now stimulating waves of superb art.

The centerpiece of this hall, Robert Y’s Post-Jurassic, was crafted by Qiu Qijing and inspired by the sharing of ideas in late-night conversations with benefactor and fellow artist Robert Y. It is both a companion piece and stark contrast to Robert Y the T-Rex, the exhibit in the neighboring hall. Humans, the kings of modern Earth, turned out to be even more vicious, cruel, and sexually aggressive than their Jurassic predecessors. At the same time, it was our insatiable sexual desire that gave rise to creativity and civilization. This astonishingly unique hall, which pays tribute to sex and its essential role in art and culture, will amaze visitors for centuries to come.

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The Hall of Primal Instincts
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