The Hall of Rising Dreams

Haunted wood from the ocean floor, precious gemstone from mountain caves, converging in works of romantic beauty from the imagination of Robert Y the Explorer.

From the mountain caves of Uruguay to the bottom of the Taiwan Strait, Robert Y has explored the deepest darkest realms of the planet seeking the most beautiful gems and haunting artifacts it has to offer. Here, these two worlds merge, bathing us in the faint glow of antiquity.
These are visions from the imagination of Robert Y brought to life in vivid detail by the remarkable Clitfford Kong.

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Shooting Star (The Secret of Creativity)

The Hall of Rising Dreams

Artist: Robert Y and Clitfford Kong

Material: boat wood, jade, iron

Size: 230cm x 65cm x 180cm

Can you see the meteors streaking across the sky? One is hurtling toward Earth, and its impact will dazzle us with its lifeforce and light up the world of modern art. The latest burst across the galaxies of the subconscious and through the iron gate to the conscious, it is the birth of artistic creation.

The Hall of Rising Dreams
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